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A successful  Idea  for your business  Starts with You asking Questions of your self and others.

Millions are making a living with domain namesBuying Selling and renting names Hosting and reselling adds

For instance, Iam a reseller for GoDaddy, and have many clients. Who buy domain
names and rent servers throuth my
reseller company
 Visit - HostAtMy,com
Also I accept Visa and many other cards through my site

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Go mobile
Access you domain acount from your mobil phone   
I was sitting in an airport and heard a man talking to another man  about a domain name.
He thought it was a great Idea  Well I thought so too.
I grabed my phone and went to HostAtMy account and bought it "Boom I owned it
 See you should not tell anyone what name you want till you own it.
Think"  If you are telling someone where the best fishing hole is on the river, and another fisherman hears you
Well OPPS on you" he has every right to fish their,  You don't own the river Just like a domain name
KEEP it to your self untill you own it
News is what makes the Day
Good Bad or Dismal

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