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Bob 208-371-7757

Robert Evans  208-371-7757
$425,000  Firm  
 Will pay buyers
Licenced Agent  3 %  

Internet 450 Spectrum MHz ( Fast )
 400 Mbps, Upload speeds 20 Mbps 8-10 Devices, No Data cap
Available In house  Apartment  
6 year old roof.  Solid foundation large crawl space
has 2 car garage.  Has Shop with Cement floor "New Roof , Smoke House ,
Included -5th wheel  2013 41' permanent parked  hook to sewer /water/ 50 Amp/ 5 tipouts
l washer & Dryer  Air  /  Fenced in property / Great Rental
AND BREWERY  / Equipment negotiable  ceader room
And Up stairs Apartment  With OCEAN VIEW finished
Plenty of room for a Boat or You can park a logging truck
14 ft wide by 81 ft long
Includes a 5 camera security system

2 bed 1 bath downstairs 2 car garage
Front Deck wrape around
Upstairs Apatment Full 1 bedroom great kitchen Bath/Shower
View of the ocean
Port Orford

Nesika Beach Beach
Deck off Apartment
 Plenty of room for a baraque and table    Lower Deck 9x14 uper 8 x 12
Shop  New Roof  Metal  Ceader 1 x 8 inch base under metal ( Not Plywood )

From Street

Deck out in back Woods
surrounding Woods All fenced in

              Brewery Room  Empty / Ceader

 Full of Greatness

Bobanero Brew Brewery 14 x 18 ft
ceader room  off kitchen

View of Brewery Deck  From Forest Deck

Smoke House Out back

Ovens  in smoke house

41 ft 5 tipouts   2013  year
two fridges Permetly hook to sewer
and 50 amp service  King Bed  Air c Gas fireplace

Inside of 5th wheel Full deck

Hall way Washer Dryer


Yes their are  Elk   all over
this areaWow

 Local Area  Photos

This is a wave in Bandom   
The Book Keeper

Smoken Crab  in the Smoke House

Dinner is Served  Get Cracken  Smoker Crab



Front Deck Porch

2 Ranges   Propane     and Electric

Bath  Shower

Pellet Stove  5 Star

Living Room  

Laundry rome

Brewery Deck

Out in the woods Deck Out back

lots of Port orford ceader

Apartment Deck and Stair case   Lots of room for a baroque and table

Upstairs entry Apatment

In spring  flowers  green grass "Soon

Shop  New Roof    24X 39

Shop  and Inside shop Below

Smoke House  2 ceader ovens

Smoking Crab today


My Brewery
all ceader floor  and cealing

Brewery  Now  and when Empty  a ceader room

Knight Time View of House

From Bob
I can leave some Equipment in Brewery
and teach you how to Brew

I will Teach you how to use  
The smoke house  and make jerky & Smoke Salmon

Their is still lots of work to do here  But  well worth it
Sun set  on our local beach  and The trees  are on our property  with  fithwheel
Rouge River Jetty Wild with surf waves and
Beautiful Sunsets

It shows you that you can't always
cross the bar to do ocean fishing. That's why it great fishing
It's not over fished like Brookings

Rouge River
 Fish Finder ON
Looking  for that big fish

Caught on Rouge River in feburay From Bank

Fishing  for SteelHead 14 lb caught yesterday
Janurary to March season  
The best Spring Chinook salmon in the world are found on the famous Rogue River at Gold Beach Oregon

Late August through November is the main event for Rogue River fishing. As the hot days of summer start to cool,
the big fall run of Chinook salmon begins to enter the lower Rogue Canyon.
 The fall Chinook can weigh as much
as 71.5 lbs.  


You dont need a boat on the Rouge River  
Steelhead Salmon Trout
Right off the bank
Just need a dog to watch your pole

Well You need a place to live  This house is made for
Hunting Bear Deer Elk Moose Geese Ducks Fishing
with in 1 to 10 miles  Yes  And remember
Have Smoke -House Brewery  and Ocean View From the apartment
possible 2 rentals  
Upstair 1 bedroom apartment and a 41 ft Fithwheel
More  Photos of the surrounding area"
Coose Bay &  Bandom

Sun set from street in front of house
Well see y you want to come here

Hunting  - Elk Deer Moose Geese Ducks Bear

Remember  we live in the  Coastal Forest
  Ocean is our Front yard, Forest our back yard, The Sky is our Hat,  The rain is our Shower,
The Rouge -- Coquille -- Coos -- Chetco  Rivers are our plumming ,
The sun is our light
The ocean is our Buffet  --
Fish, Crab, Salmon, Steelhead, Tuna, Ling Cod, Red Snapper,
Shark, Mussals, Stergon, Ducks, Geese,
Our Forest provide to the menue  --
 Elk, Deer, Game birds, Wild Turkyes, Geese,
Chuckers, Bear, Mushrooms, Wild berries, Ws have Blue Berry's and Cranberry Bogs
And it's all you can enjoy  No reservation Required. That's it for now  Steel Head are running  and I have to catch Dinner
See you soon    "Iam in the front yard

Sounds Good  Iam in the back Yard

I'am   Here  in the woods  Eating Sun Flowers   
See You when you get here

Yep We are Beautiful
And Yes  My sister is upset   

And of coarce  Elk

Yes  we are here also Enjoy

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