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Ocean, SunSets & Clean Air

Nesika Beach.com
Nesika Beach Is the place you want to Live
and enjoy Life.
Our site will introduce you to the area,
Weather - Tides - & More , Fishing
Also see a house for sale   Go

Bob & Dianne

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Sunning on Nesika Beach   Come on down

Nesika Beach Resident Beach Dog

It is a piece of driftwood on our beach

Looks like my old dog Dax for sure " Just covered with Sand?

Wild Humming Birds


Live on the Coast
Meet the people
Fish in the Ocean or River
Hard to beat the life in
Nesika Beach

The Wind blows off the ocean
The air is clean
Good health to you
Nesika Beach has Wild Life all around  us
Nesika Beach is 7 miles North of gold beach , down the coast into the forest, then north of us and east of us All Forest with Bears, Cougars, Elk, Deer, & and Birds including all kinds of Critters
Well have you moved here YET ?

Crab Season is Delicious  Also See

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Tides - Weather -Rising Setting Moon - More
City Hall 29592 Ellensburg Ave. Gold Beach, OR 97444
P: (541) 247-7029   F: (541) 247-2212  
Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

Information for airlines that fly to Medford, and other locations


How do salmon No when to go up river  and what creek to enter?
Scientists believe that salmon navigate by using the earth’s magnetic  field like a compass.
When they find the river they came from, they  start using smell to find their way back to their home stream.
They  build their 'smell memory-bank' when they start migrating to the ocean  as young fish.
Catch Me if you can
                                                          O" i can  
  Yep Me To  
                                                 Well " We  Trying  Come On  " Bite

Come ON  Hit that Spinner

Worst Day of Fishing Is better then the best day of work

     Is it lunch Yet?  
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